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  • I had to share this darling pet photo I took last week. My hubby's entire family is just as crazy about their dogs as we are! Matt's Mom and Dad were over on Friday and when they were getting ready to leave on their motorcycle I was a little perplexed as they had their mini Dachshund with them. I was wondering how the heck they were going to take her on the bike. Well, come to find out, Mitzy rides in a little backpack on Mom's chest and the dinky doggy LOVES it! She got all excited when she saw Mom pull out the pack. It was just too cute not to snap a photo of and not to share. So here you go....Mitzy rides!

  • Sacramento Pet Photographer

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  • Today only buy this inspiring book that offers insider secrets of the sexy and slim and get a special offer! The link will take you to the book's official website which provides excerpts, a place to buy the book and a very special offer but that offer is good TODAY ONLY! Check it out!: Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined?

  • Naturally Thin or Disciplined Book launch

  • Available for a limited time only... buy this book NOW and you'll be handsomely rewarded ...

    What woman hasn't murmured that to herself upon encountering a slender member of the female species? Especially one who has had children, or is older than 30?

    Even as she ponders it, behind that question is another - is it lucky genes or hard work? In this inspiring book, Sally Shields demonstrates that she again has her finger on the pulse of the collective female psyche, as 101 women share how they manage to keep fit.

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  • This week's topic is a tricky one. There is no good answer and while the subject sounds funny, it can be a bit of a problem on wedding day. You can read our other Wedding Photo Wednesday Posts on our blog.

    Today I'd like to discuss "Uncle Bob." If you are not a professional photographer, you may not know who I am referring to but if you ARE a photographer, you know exactly who I am talking about! Now we don't want to insult anyone's family members but we do want to make you nearlyweds aware that family members with cameras CAN be a problem on your wedding day.

    Everyone has a camera these days and many people have professional cameras that they just LOVE bringing to weddings at which they are guests. Uncle Bobs have the best of intentions and rarely realize they are a problem. They sometimes get in the way of the professionals without knowing it by stepping in front of a shot or using flash which interferes with natural lighting. Sometimes they're even in the photos without knowing it -- Uncle Bob and his big, giant camera! The list goes on. We of course, try to be friendly and accommodating with everyone but the interfering Uncle Bob is becoming more and more prevalent at weddings.

    Tim Coughlin of Tim Coughlin Photography in Chicago was kind enough to let me use the following two photos on our blog today. These are for real, folks! This Uncle Bob was in full force at a recent wedding Tim photographed. Wow!

  • Dealing with Uncle Bob

  • Tim shared with me that his crew was told to stay off the pews...but not Uncle Bob! Check him out!

  • Dealing with Uncle Bob

  • We don't know the answer to the Uncle Bob issue. Perhaps you brides and grooms know of an Uncle Bob in your family and this post will prompt you to remind that "Uncle Bob" to relax, enjoy the day and leave his camera at home.

  • Photos courtesy of Tim Coughlin Photography

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  • This is a happy story but it starts with a sad story. Sorry! Several weeks ago we lost our beloved Boxer, Tiberius, very suddenly. Thankfully, he died at home without suffering and literally in our arms. I just don't want to elaborate more on that part of the story as I have been crying for weeks and trying desperately to heal. (Just think good thoughts for us, no words are necessary.) This is where the happier story comes in....

    I recently applied with NorCal Boxer Rescue to adopt another Boxer. I hate being dogless. I have a lot of love to give and it's just way too quiet around here without a bouncing Boxer around. At the time I applied I stated that I would be interested in learning more about fostering Boxers as well. I have a friend who fosters and he's been trying to get me to do it for a long time. I got a call the next day from my contact at NorCal Boxer Rescue about a little girl Boxer who had nowhere to go. Do you think I hesitated? Well, I didn't! Norcal Boxer Rescue relies on Foster Homes for the Boxers they save. They do not have a large enough facility to house all the Boxers they rescue so pre-qualitfied people all over California open their homes to Boxers in need and foster these angels until they are well enough to be adopted out and NorCal Boxer Rescue has found an appropriate home for that Boxer. I can't tell you how excited and proud Matt and I are to be a part of this process!

    Without further adieu, meet Ani or Stanislaus Ani or Ani Banani as we have started calling her.

  • NorCal Boxer Rescue

  • The tongue just won't stay in sometimes! I know she is thin, you should have seen her a few days ago! She is eating 5 times a day and has already gained some meat on her tiny bones. This little gal has been through a lot and she is still so loving and sweet. Dogs are amazing creatures! Is she cute or what?!!

  • NorCal Boxer Rescue

  • NorCal Boxer Rescue is an AMAZING organization! It was founded in 1998 and within the first year of operation had rescued and re-homed 268 Boxers! Their mission is to "Leave No Boxer Behind." At a minimum, they provide animals with veterinary care, spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, a microchip, a temporary foster home at a private residence, lots of love and placement into a carefully screened forever home. NCBR has no paid employees and allocates nearly 100% of adoption fees and donations directly toward the care of their Boxers.

    I am so impressed with every person I have dealt with there. They are super picky about who they let adopt or foster dogs. I am not worried at all about giving Ani up when she's ready to go because I know with all confidence that whoever gets her will have gone through the necessary scrutiny to ensure they are an appropriate Boxer owner. My husband and I find it so rewarding to help out with Ani. We plan to continue fostering even after we adopt our own Boxer. We think Ty would be proud of us and happy that we're helping to save Boxers.

    For more information about NorCal Boxer Rescue, please visit:

  • I had to post the below photo of Ty. I call it "Ty Flying." Jen is having a canvas made for me of this photo. This is one week before he passed. He truly was happy his entire 4.5 years with me and I was completely over the moon with him. Those of you who met him, know how wonderful he was. Best dog EVER! Tiberius Fisher, you changed me for the better. You will always be my first and favorite Boxer! You will live in our hearts forever!

  • NCBR.org

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  • Mimi & Company is holding another fabulous event. This event is free! Just RSVP at mimibridal@yahoo.com. See details below:

    Ever wonder where wedding & bridal trends get started?
    Mimi & Company would love to invite you to this unique event happening in Sacramento...

    Love & Lust Wedding Blog" Presents...
    A Wedding Fashion Tips & Trends Event at the Sacramento Convention Center

    Sunday, May 22nd 2011 from 11 am to 3 pm

  • Mimi and company bridal event

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