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  • The last few years we've done a year end review post and this year is no different...except it's getting harder and harder to pick pictures. :-) I'm super stoked to report that my goal was to blog post at least once a day this year..on average anyway...and we've done it! Almost 400 blog posts in 2009. I know we don't post just work related posts...on purpose. We want to post the quirky tidbits and the special moments in our personal lives. As readers, we hope you get a glimpse into our lives, personalities, and our style.

    We've had a great team this year with some surprise help too, such as my friend Jenny - who sadly moved away just after we shot a few engagement sessions together. And we've hired some great new office staff this year - Carie is the bomb! And we launched our new look with our new website.

    I thought I'd do something a bit different this year and tell you why I love our clients so much. And, why they become our friends. We don't shoot a ton of weddings every year, rather we try to connect with those who exemplify and share in my passion for life....and living. My clients are the best and I love them all.

    Jessie and Brian hold a very dear place in my heart. Jessie is such a 'tell it like it is girl' and Brian just adores her. Every email I've ever received from Jessie has been full of excitement. Jessie was diagnosed with terminal cancer - but chose to ignore deaths' knock. And the love they feel for life shows in every photo we took of this couple...and you may recognize them as we have made them our 2009/2010 ad models!

    I appreciate that my clients, such as Stephani, let me know they are thinking of me and making sure I'm okay when they read about my mom being in the hospital.

    When I first met Marites and Gil I knew we were meant to become friends. Gil's chosen theme for their wedding was "Passion for Love. Passion for Life." Gil and Marites had the best reception of 2009...with their choreographed first dance that had the guests cheering....until Tyler sang Pretty Woman to Larissa. Tyler and Larissa are so full of life! Now there is a tie for the "best reception of 2009."

    I won't go into every couple and every wedding, but every one of our clients has a special place in my heart. We connect on colors, on shoes, on food (yes, I'm a firm believer in eating!), on music, and mostly we connect about life. I hope what you see in our year end review is what defines our style. I tried very hard not to select detail shots, although we love them, because it's the people that matter most. You will see quiet moments with loving looks, you will see some sexy moments, but mostly you will see a lot, and I mean A LOT of laughter. And of course, you'll see some of my favorites of the year. Waiting for these special moments...to capture these special moments...it's so vibrantly full of life.

    All our clients are beautiful - inside and out. Thanks for making 2009 such a remarkably wonderful year!

    Please click the below image of Jessie and Brian, to start the Year End slideshow. Enjoy! Please be patient as it loads.

  • The Memory Journalists 2009 Year End Review

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  • This couple is SO cool! I would love to be friends with this couple. Can you imagine how fun this wedding was?

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  • On Friday my hubby and I along with our immediate families all took a little field trip to go see a lady with a magic wand. This powerful lady was not only going to take about 100 pictures of the cute little munchkin growing in my belly but she was also going to give us the big reveal and tell us whether or not we were having a girl or a boy. Well ladies and gentlemen we got our answer!

  • Say hello to Jack! The technician said these were AWESOME gender pictures! He was not shy! It was an amazing experience. To finally be able to put a name to the little kicker inside me. My husband is over the moon. I don't think he has passed a single person he HASN'T told he is going to have a son. I'm thrilled too. I really wanted a little boy.

  • I actually knew it was a boy all along. I just had that feeling. So even though I was thrilled to have it confirmed it really didn't surprise me! So now we are all running around grabbing up all the cowboy stuff we can find. I'm so grateful our family was able to be there with us. This is one loved kid. Can't wait to meet him!

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  • This book was given to me by my dad the day before my wedding. Unknown to me he had been writing in it for years. There were places for him to write his favorite memories of me as a kid, what he felt and thought during different parts of my life, etc. It is such a beautiful book. To have something like this, written for me by my dad is so wonderful. Every time I read through it I cry. I'm going to have to give it back to him though to finish filling it out because it even has a place for him to talk about how he feels about me becoming a mother. What a wonderful keepsake. I want to find something like this for my baby.

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  • M&M's are the best. Both Regular or Peanut Butter.

    I love Christmas. My family has the most awesome Christmas traditions. We get Christmas pj's every year.

    I love the color Red. Bright, vibrant, fun.

    The biggest lesson I've learned since starting with The Memory Journalists - If you love what you do, it isn't really work.

    I kind of like being June Cleaver-ish.

    I love the Fall. A little bit of rain, warm in the day, cool at night, crisp fall breeze, changing of the colors. Plus I got married in the fall.

    I'm both a girly girl and a tom boy. There are definitely times I love to dress up and do all that, but in my day to day life I'm most comfortable in comfy clothes, no make-up and my glasses.

    My biggest peeve is Selfishness. People that think only of themselves.

    My last meal would be my mom's meatloaf.

    90's is the best decade of music. I love the Dave Matthews Band.

    I'm addicted to my Blackberry. It's really sad.

    I love the smell of wood burning, my grandma's house and recently....babies.

    You must watch The Three Amigos, Scream, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

    We have a pain in the butt Yorkie named Georgia.

    Our fav TV show is Bones.

    I love cheese.

    I'm very loyal. It takes a lot to make me stop being your friend. You have to have done something pretty crappy for that to happen.

    I'm a perfectionist. There is no one harder on me than me. I always want to do better and be better.

    I'm actually very sensitive. I can get my feelings hurt prettily easily.

    I was there when my oldest niece was born. It was the coolest/weirdest experience of my life.

    I'm listening to Taylor Swift right now.

    I love....My hubby. My family. My friends. My baby. My photography. Silence. Books. The wind. The beach. My nieces laughing. Hanging out with my sister. A good glass of wine. A strong margarita. Mexican food. Music. Movies. A good night's sleep.

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