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  • Our World.
    Our Future.
    Our only hope.
    Is in his hands.

  • This is how the trailer begins for the Book of Eli. And we thought this would be a movie we would enjoy. I have to say I was disappointed. I searched for some good reviews (after seeing the movie) and was surprised to see that many were in agreement with exactly how I felt.

    The Book of Eli was a fairly typical post-apocalyptic story with the usual stoic main character, Eli played by Denzel Washington, quietly slaughtering the degenerate leftovers of humanity while wandering the barren wasteland. (washburnreview)

    Carnegie (Gary Oldman) takes one look at Eli and says, He is not like other men, then spends the rest of the movie trying to co-opt or kill him to prove he's just a man. Eli just wants to stay on the path, plodding ever westward to the Golden Gate Bridge. A good alternate title for this film would be Escape to Alcatraz. (csmonitor)

    It really had a Mad Maxx feel to the movie. (not that I'm saying I didn't like Mad Maxx) But the trailer built the movie up to more than what was delivered in my opinion. The best thing about the movie, beside that I like Mila Kunis, is the soundtrack. It really is quite appealing if you enjoy that darker sound of Etheral or Gothic Rock (80's and 90's). The score was entirely done by Atticus Ross. I think as photographers, that Cory and I both pay more attention to how a movie is filmed, angles, lighting, etc. and having a musical background, I also listen to the sounds in combination with the film. I did like the way this movie was filmed. Just the story was a bit lacking.

    My recommendation is to wait to see this one after it comes out on DVD.

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