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  • A few short weeks ago I met with Sean and Risha to take some holiday family photos. I've known Sean now since before his kids were born! The cutest two men in the family are Cameron and Christian. And Isabella (Bella) is the one with the best smile!

    If you're wondering who those other two family members are...well that's Cosmo (blue collar) and Zoe (pink collar).

    According to Sean when I asked about their pet names:
    Cosmo's full name is technically "Kozmo Seal Bird Monkey Chewbacca." We believe he has a rich animal heritage in his ancestry unlike any other known canine. Zoe's given name is simply "Zo-zilla Collar Eater," but we call her Zoe for short.

  • The three kids were super eager and loved taking some sibling family photos when Sean and Risha stepped away to put the dogs in the car.

  • When I asked the kids to give a big group hug, they knew exactly what I meant!

  • And just a quick shot of Sean and Risha together.

  • Our last stop of the day in our family photo session was the painted poles at the corners of 16th and Q Street in downtown Sacramento. What a perfect prop for some super bright and colorful holiday photos.

  • As we walked back to the cars, good thing I kept my camera out, since the kids could barely contain themselves long enough so that I could grab this photo. The street sweeper had left a huge big pile of leaves right on the corner.

  • It didn't take long before that pile was a bit less of a pile. :-)

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