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  • On Friday my hubby and I along with our immediate families all took a little field trip to go see a lady with a magic wand. This powerful lady was not only going to take about 100 pictures of the cute little munchkin growing in my belly but she was also going to give us the big reveal and tell us whether or not we were having a girl or a boy. Well ladies and gentlemen we got our answer!

  • Say hello to Jack! The technician said these were AWESOME gender pictures! He was not shy! It was an amazing experience. To finally be able to put a name to the little kicker inside me. My husband is over the moon. I don't think he has passed a single person he HASN'T told he is going to have a son. I'm thrilled too. I really wanted a little boy.

  • I actually knew it was a boy all along. I just had that feeling. So even though I was thrilled to have it confirmed it really didn't surprise me! So now we are all running around grabbing up all the cowboy stuff we can find. I'm so grateful our family was able to be there with us. This is one loved kid. Can't wait to meet him!

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