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  • I love anything with chocolate and peanut butter! Reese's Pieces are the best.

    Thanksgiving is the best holiday. Every year, right before the holiday, we get our friends together for a Friends Thanksgiving, which is about 20-25 people at one table and everyone stuffs themselves silly with great food, great wine and infectious laughs.

    Blue is my favorite color.

    I love all seasons for different reasons. Spring because of the amazing weather, it's the greatest combination of cool and warm weather. Summer b/c I can't wait to get in the water. Fall b/c of the changing leaves, first rains and combination weather - jeans and flip flops. Winter b/c I love to watch fresh snow fall and then go out and play in it!

    I am both a girly girl and a tom boy. I love to dress up, buy new make-up and can't pass up the perfect pair of 4 heels. For me heels over flats any day, unless they're flip flops. I can be a tomboy too - I can leave all that stuff at home and go camping for days w/o running water, getting dirty, etc.

    My biggest peeve is people who think they are better than everyone else and talk poorly about others behind their back. You can gain popularity and recognition without taking others down.

    I hope I'll never have to choose a last meal but if I did, it would include sushi rolls and a well aged glass of red wine, although perhaps not together.

    '80s, for sure is the best decade of music! I love Van Morrison: Into the Mystic. I love Whitney Houston, Justin Timberlake, Pink, Journey, Pearl Jam.

    I'm passionate about saving dogs. I hope to be able to create a rescue facility (in my 10 year plan) for those dogs people don't want or think can't be rehabilitated. Maybe Cesar will help! ;-)

    I'm addicted to caffeine!!!!!!

    The smell of a first rain is the best. Or the smell while you walk along a beach is amazing.

    I'd recommend Dirty Dancing and any Ben Stiller movie (Along Came Polly, Something About Mary&)

    We have one dog - Kylie our beloved Pit.

    We don't watch much TV. But I do like Whale Wars.

    My favorite food is Sushi!! Chopsticks down!

    I used to work in the wine industry.

    I'm going to be 30 this year! Waaahhhhh!!

    Dogs are drawn to me&I like to think. We have had at least 4 lost/abandoned dogs wander up to our house or follow me home. One was sitting on the porch when I came out one day!

    Mariah Carey is the CD in my car right now. The song I sing in the car every time& -I Will Survive!

    I hate to run. If God wanted me to run, he would have given me 4 legs instead of 2 arms.

    The best gift I've ever received& my engagement ring!

    I love family.
    I love JAS.
    I love our 12 year old puppy.
    I love my closest friends.
    I love laughter!!
    I love animals...that don't want to eat me.
    I love lying on the beach and listening to the sound of the waves crashing.
    I love watching a couple's emotions during their vows.
    I love a comfortable and cute pair of high heels.
    I love live music&all of it!
    I love the feeling after a great workout.
    I love to stop and smell the roses along our walkway every day.
    I love to watch Kylie swim.
    I love a perfectly fitted pair of jeans.
    I love the outdoors.

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