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  • As I have met with several clients recently, new and old, I've found that many of you are consistent blog readers. And I've called a few of you out recently on my posts - Thanks Kate, Oscar, Kelly, and others - you all rock! What I have found out is that there are many more of you silent blog readers out there. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share with us all! I love knowing that you are enjoying reading my journal and I would love it if you could comment on whatever strikes you - whether it be an image, a story, or even if you want to suggest a blog topic. If you are new to blog commenting, please email me, I'll hook you up with any questions you may have and get you on your way. I would love nothing better than to create a community of friends and family on my journal to share all our lives.

    Okay, I'm specifically calling out Marcia, Luke, and Lani! I know there are others, and I'll be calling more out in the next round. :-)

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