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  • I woke up yesterday morning...a bit happier than other days. Why you ask? It was my birthday. And as birthdays go...it's a day that I get my way on everything. Or so I tell Cory! :-)

    I had to work Thursday, yes - sad to say, I worked on my bday. But I decided to go ahead and dress up for the entire day since Cory and I were planning on going to dinner that night. It's not that often that I feel the need to dress up, but I had this summer dress just waiting for the tags to come off it and be worn.

    When I got home at 5:15, I was ready to hit the restaurant. You see - we tend to eat by 6pm. First, "they" say it's healthier to eat at least two hours before bedtime and since I get up at 5am most mornings, I'm ready for bed by 10pm; and second, I'm usually starving by 5pm. But to my slight disappointment, Cory was on the computer, working "on a problem" that he had to finish up before we left. So I grabbed the book I was in the middle of reading, poured myself a class of BV 1998 Cab and settled down to read a few chapters while I waited. I was beginning to stress about getting into the restaurant since he didn't make reservations. Finally, at 6pm, he said we could go.

    I grabbed my purse and asked if we were taking a bottle of wine with us to dinner, as we often do since we have many special bottles sitting in our wine rack for such occasions. Surprisingly, he responded with "nah...we can just order something off the menu."

    We arrived to a packed lobby at Fat's Restaurant. I thought for certain we'd have to wait forever to get a table. Funny thing though...I could sware I saw by BFF Kerry at a table in the back of the restaurnt. Cory told me to go look and see if it was her. I turned the corner to a surprise group of friends waiting for our arrival. Happy Birthday they shouted. :-) It was great! Apparently Tina spear headed the idea, Nicole took charge of the planning, Cory was in charge of the delay, and everyone else did their job of keeping it a secret. Even Kelly knew about the surprise while she was still in DR last week.

    Cory had ran back out to the car to bring in a magnun of Far Niente 2000 Cab that we had been saving for a special day. It was great to eat good food, drink good wine, and laugh it up with my close friends. Thank you all for making it such a good day.

    As we waited for food to arrive, I opened a few gifts.Sacramento Birthday PhotosAnd wine was poured. Don't you love Nicole's ring?Sacramento Birthday Photos 2Food was awesome as usual!Sacramento Birthday Photos 3Sacramento Birthday Photos 4Tina.Sacramento Birthday Photos 5Kerry and Kelly.Sacramento Birthday Photos 6Me and Cory.Sacramento Birthday Photos 7John and Nicole.Sacramento Birthday Photos 8There is a bit of a story behind the cake. I love swedish fish. And for over 4 years I wasn't suppose to have them since I had braces. I snuck a few here and there but for the most part, I was good. Nicole called Belinda at Ettore's and had her create a Swedish Fish cake - blue to represent the ocean. It was YUMMY! Kelly and I both had fun fondling the big fish. :-)Sacramento Birthday Photos 9Sacramento Birthday Photos10Sacramento Birthday Photos11Sacramento Birthday Photos12

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