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  • As I describe on our website, I like to journal. But I've recently realized that I don't really share with you my personal entries. I'm recently reminded (and inspired) by Kelly's - Back in the USA post to share more of my personal feelings with you all. I give you Sneak Peak's all the time of our photography sessions and I thought I'd give you a sneak peak...into me.

    My below post might be a bit unorganized, cluttered of random emotion, and snippets of passing thoughts...so just bear (or is it bare) with me. :-)

    The part of Kelly's recent post that touched me was the following:
    "... I now appreciate down time. Sitting and talking, or sitting in silence with someone. I appreciate â??just beingâ?? and not feeling the need to â??doâ?? all the time. I appreciate simple things, simple life, and most of all I appreciate life. The fact that I am here, and that I can do, see, and be."

    I am.

    Just being. Not feeling the need "to do" all the time. I've heard repeatedly from Cory how I don't know how to relax. It's kind of true. It's kind of hard to admit. Kind of. I love to work. And I'm the typical Type A who has to always be doing something.

    I really enjoyed our recent trip to visit Ashley and Reece. Ashley was worried that we'd be bored...you think she knows me? But I can say I thoroughly enjoyed doing nothing. I read a book. The whole thing. In just three days. Not a work biz book, but a fun book. We even went to a book exchange store to get more books...I forgot how much I love the smell of old books. aahhhh. We walked on the beach. All of us talked for hours. All together. Separate. Reece and Cory outside in the darkness, and Ashley and I in the kitchen. We laughed. I fell asleep leaning on Cory while we all were silently watching the Olympics. It was wondrous.

    How easy it is to breathe. And yet that is exactly what we forget to do...just breathe. The most simplest of all things. Close your eyes and breathe. What do you smell? What do you see? What are you thinking? Where are you? Who are you?

    Who am I? I am me. I love laughing. I love life. I love passion. I love Cory. I love life. I love my family. I love my friends.

    I have made the decision this year to take more time for me. For Cory. For our lives together. For family. Not an easy feat for a admitted workaholic. I still need to work on this...daily... It's not easy for me. I'm a perfectionist...to a fault sometimes. But I realize it's also my blessing.

    I can sit and work on images for hours on end. Why? I enjoy watching the expression that is caught in the moment jump off the page. Knowing that when my clients see their images, they will smile, laugh, and even cry. If only you'd see me as I prepare the slideshows for my clients...my friends...I cry and I smile. Remembering the moment...and feeling in the moment. I love what I do. I love my clients. And I love the friendships that we create together.

    Kelly and I shared a few emails back and forth while she was gone and it reminded me of my time at Jesh de Rox's workshop. Check out this recent post by Jesh about "the world is a playground (life)" to get an introduction to this amazing photographer and friend.

    From Jesh's post about playgrounds:
    "it is not what we do that makes something work or play, exciting or boring, it is the degree to which we are experiencing what we are doing."

    Life is a playground. If you want it to be. If you try. Funny as adults it takes more effort.

    I've been debating all week about whether or not I should take a trip this weekend to visit my Dad in Arizona (while my mom is in southern CA caring for my grandma) and I've decided to go. Nicole spoke simple words "if he passed away today, you'd regret not going". Thanks Nicole. I love you for your bluntness. And sarcasm. And your friendship.

    It means that work won't get done as quickly as I would like (sorry Erika!) but I'm remembering to just breathe and to appreciate life.

    I encourage those that read this post to comment.

    And with Life in mind...I want to share a few more images from last weekend's wedding of Erika and Justin. (and since their slideshow will be a bit delayed!)

    A moment caught by Anne.The Memory Journalists Out of OfficeDon't you love that a total stranger had a smile brought to his face. Total randomness.The Memory Journalists Out of Office2Cory caught this image of Erika, Justin, Lulu, and Bentley!
    The Memory Journalists Out of Office3Tina's perspective.The Memory Journalists Out of Office4This last one I captured. Caught in the moment.
    The Memory Journalists Out of Office5

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