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  • Or Ty for short. I had lunch at Carie's house this last week and was able to bring the camera and snap a few of her dog Tiberius. He's stinkin' cute! I asked Carie to share a bit about Ty...

    "I rescued Ty 2 and a half years ago from Calavaras County. He was a year and a half old. I found him on Petfinders.com. I had always wanted a Boxer and found Ty 3 dogs down on the available Boxers list. In his photo he looked like he was looking right at me and I knew he was going to be my dog. He was in a situation where he was not getting enough people time and kept escaping. Boxers are known escape artists. His owner wanted a better life for him so he put him in foster care to be adopted. Ty was on the website just half a day when I found him. I didn't know he had stripes until I picked him up and I went crazy when I saw how beautiful he was. He walked right up to me and leaned against me looking at me like "are you my mother?" He came home and was perfect from day one. He's my angel. He's with me almost every hour of every day. As you saw during your visit, he is a sideshow!"

    He got to eat his lunch right away too when I arrived and the look he gave me when he was done - and hello - wanted more! Priceless!And then we played the "Attack the Cheese Grater" game. He got all excited for this!!! He was so intent on the cabinet where the grater resides and as soon as it was open...boy look out! Carie told him to wave - and he did! And seriously - he has the longest tongue ever! What a ham - he totally posed it up for me.
    Thanks for sharing Carie. Oh - and Ty is the official mascot for Ultimate Fitness!

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