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  • Cory and I arranged our trip this last weekend to be home in time for Kelly's welcome home bash this afternoon. Here is a small snippet of Kelly's last post upon her return from DR.

    I got home at 7:30pm last night. My mom, dad, Stacey and Jayson picked me up and then we went out to dinner where I had a YUMMY salad (Iâ??ve missed salads the most) and some pasta.

    I fell asleep in the car on the way home. I dragged my bags into my parents house, fell asleep in my old bedroom and I donâ??t think I moved until I woke up this morning.

    When I did wake up I had a realization. I love life.

    Usually when I come home from a long trip in Latin America I have a weird â??readjustmentâ?? time where Iâ??m not quite sure I like America or Americans. I have these weird feelings that I donâ??t belong. That I wasnâ??t ready to leave the country I was visiting. You name it. This time is different.

    I realized that I now have a home in the D.R. I have friends there. I can go back any time. I am planning to go back too. I have finally realized that there are differences between countries, cultures, people. Instead of comparing them and favoring one, I just need to look for the good in all and appreciate them for what they are.

    I will miss everything Dominican. But, I now appreciate having power 24 hours a day. I appreciate running water. I appreciate drinking from the tap.

    I missed American things. But I now appreciate down time. Sitting and talking, or sitting in silence with someone. I appreciate â??just beingâ?? and not feeling the need to â??doâ?? all the time. I appreciate simple things, simple life, and most of all I appreciate life. The fact that I am here, and that I can do, see, and be.

    I also realize that none of this would have been possible without a home base. Without the support from my family this would have been a very difficult thing to try to do. My mom paid my bills, changed my flight, got me a seat on my last leg home, my sister changed appointments, sent me emails with info I needed. My dad spoiled my cat â?? so I didnâ??t have to worry about her while I was gone, and Jayson sent me some emails that reached me on some difficult days.

    And you, my friends, sent me emails. Kept me grounded. Read my long accounts of life in the D.R. and it was just nice knowing that you were there with me on my trip, experiencing it with me.

    I am missing my home in the D.R. It really did feel like home to me. But, I know that itâ??s in my power to return, and that I will be going back. So, that helps me not to miss it so much.

    In the mean time I have my friends, my family, and my photos.

    Thank you all for reading, and for responding. It was an incredible experience.

    - Kelly

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