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  • Don't you just love it when you can make another dish with leftovers? When I make spaghetti, there's always that extra batch of spaghetti noodles leftover, so what do I do with it?

    For tonight's balanced dinner idea, Teresa answered my question by making up a dish called Spa-Sagna. It's quite clever, and it is basically using that extra batch of spaghetti noodles to replicate a lasagna dish. She layered the noodles with red tomato sauce and ricotta cheese, tosses it in the oven, and is ready to serve within 30 minutes. While it's sizzling at 350 degrees, Teresa steamed up some summer veggies, and topped it off with sprinkles on fresh strawberries. She also sneaked a couple of Hello Koala cookies for an extra sweet treat. I think I want to go over to Teresa's house for dinner tonight.

    Keep in mind when you're making spaghetti, don't throw out those extra noodles just yet! If you missed any installments of Teresa's column, be sure to read all of her family balanced meal ideas.

  • Balanced meal ideas for the whole family-Spaghetti into Lasagna

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