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  • Here is our next installment of Photo of the Week. This first month I'm going to go down the path of Before and After photo examples and this 4th week is for Trista. Mostly because I'm in the middle of working on many weddings.

    We were hanging out with Trista and the girls as they were getting ready. It was a bit darker in the room so we chose to up our ISO to 1250 rather than use flash or external lighting. We are always careful to not lose the important details in the photo and chose to brighten in post-processing. We used a 50mm prime lens at an f-stop of 1.4, and shutter at 1/640 second. The left photo is as is straight out of the camera, and the right is our end result after using Adobe Lightroom.

  • before and after photo examples

  • This next photo was taken out on the balcony of the manor. The veranda roof, while adding some great shade, added a bit cooler tone to the light. We compensated via setting our white balance to account for this. The top photo is straight out of the camera. The bottom again is after Adobe Lightroom.

    In this case, we were switching back and forth from sunlight to shade areas, and chose a slower ISO at 100. I was using a variable length lens at 98mm in order to go wider vs closer as the moment necessitated without us getting in too much way. I used an f-stop of 2.8, and shutter was at 1/160. If the shutter had dropped down much lower, I would have opted to increase my ISO to 200, to ensure we would have perfect action shots.

  • Befor and after photo examples

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