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  • This week our Wedding Photo Wednesday post is about how much time you should allow for Bride and Groom photos on your wedding day. You can check out our other Wednesday Posts on the blog.

    When we meet with potential clients, we usually run down a quicky timeline for them to get a good idea of how many hours of photography they will need on their wedding day. Jen can do one of these in just a few minutes. I am always amazed at how easily she can do this. The couple is always thrilled as it is usually the first time they have really mapped out their day on paper. One timeline item we like to explain is the length of time we want with the bride and groom for photos on their wedding day. We almost always ask for thirty minutes. Whether the couple agrees to see each other before the ceremony or not, we love to have that thirty minutes with just them to get some shots in as many different locations at and around the venue as we can fit in.

    The time goes by so fast and it's barely enough to capture all that beautiful emotion between the bride and groom.

  • Bride and Groom photos on Wedding Day

  • We need that thirty minutes so we don't have to rush and can capture the love between each bride and groom. Like in the above photos of (clockwise from top left) Darleen and David laughing under a beautiful tree, Nicole and John sharing a sultry moment, Sharon and Mike smooching while a train full of voyeurs went by and Christine and Rich enjoying a moment alone together on the beach.

  • Bride and Groom photos on Wedding Day

  • The gorgeous Bride and Groom photos above are of Natalie and Ryan (top) and Noemi and Sam. These are photos we captured during our time with just the Bride and Groom on each couple's wedding day. That thirty minutes flies by and we get a lot done in that amount of time. So, don't be surprised when your photographer asks you for a chunk of time on your big day with you and your new spouse away from the rest of the festivities. You will not want to miss the opportunity for lots of shots of just you two on your special day!

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