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  • I was unpacking from our camping trip this last weekend, when I turned around and saw ZoeZoe curled up underneath our clothes. I think she must have missed us! Isn't she the cutest!

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  • This couple is SO cool! I would love to be friends with this couple. Can you imagine how fun this wedding was?

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  • A couple of weeks ago, we hit Concert In The Park on Friday evening. It's a free concert at City Park Plaza aka Ceasar Chavez park in Sacramento. We heard it was the last one and none of us had been this year so we got together on our cruisers and cruised downtown for a beer and a free show.

    This is my hubby, Matt with our good friend, Tim. Tim is a contractor and remodeled our home in Curtis Park. I introduced him to one of my best girlfriends, Tammy and they hit it off big time. Now their living together around the corner from us in Curtis Park. It's so fun having great friends right around the corner! It's also quite handy when you need an onion real quick.

  • This is the whole bike gang. That's me, Matt, Tammy, Tim, Lauren and David and Johnny in the front. I sat my point and shoot on a garbage can and pressed the auto timer.

  • So, Jen told me when I started that I would catch the photography bug. Well, she was right and it happened fast. I take my camera everywhere and shoot everything we do. I know NOTHING but I'm having fun with it. I like this picture of Tammy cruisin' on her pink cruiser. Look at that smile!

  • This pic is a little blurry but I think Jen will be proud of the artistic angle. ;o) This is Lauren. Her and David live next door to Tim and Tammy and now we're all great friends and neighbors.

  • This is my favorite picture of the night. We were all walking towards Parlare to grab a beer before facing the huge concert crowd. It was Friday night and everyone had had a particularly hard week. I ran up ahead and shot this picture of everyone walking towards a beer. I love how determined everyone looks. This picture made me crack up all night! It looks like a movie poster to me. "The Invincibles. Give Them A Beer....Now!" Cheers!

  • Jennifer
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  • Cory and I headed off on Friday to do a little hiking and bonding with nature. There is something about getting outside, sweating a little, and enjoying the beautiful outside that really puts things into perspective. Jim, our camp-host from where we were camping, gave us a really cool SMUD map that had some trails on it that we didn't know about. We picked one and headed out...and up.

    I have to say that it really was a bit of a climb (compared to our more local flatter hikes) and good thing Cory likes to pack poptarts - I was is in need of sugar about 500 feet from the top.

  • The funny thing is that on the map, this place is called Bunker Hill Lookout. The last two miles were about 1350 feet of climbing. But it was well worth the wait. I took pictures from all four corners of the lookout. The first one showing our GPS readout - we were at 7540 feet elevation.

  • Corner 2.

  • Corner 3. You can see two different lakes in the distance.

  • And corner 4.

  • On the way down, I thought to quickly snap this pic of Cory and I with the beautiful valleys and mountains behind us.

  • Sorry for the quality of the pics - all were taken with my iPhone...as I forgot a camera! DOH!

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  • We recently received this wonderful letter from Michael of Creative Memories Entertainment. I'm so thankful that we get to work with some of the best in the business. And I really appreciate it when not only our clients, but vendors too, take the time to send us their review of our work. Thanks Michael!

    Dear Memory Journalists,

    "I have entertained over 850 weddings in the past 14 years and seen my share of great and not so great photographers and their impact on a wedding celebration. This past year has been amazing, I have had the chance to work with the Memory Journalists on many events throughout the year. Some of the most memorable ones that come to mind are Ashlie and Charlie on May 16th, Marites and Gil on June 6th, and who can forget Kimberley and Scott on July 25th. At every one of these events, your staff of photographers helped keep the event on schedule, and captured some of the greatest moments I've seen.

    I am always pleasantly surprised to see your photographs featured in the top wedding magazines. Your work truly captures the energy and emotions of the moments, freezing them in time for our clients to enjoy and reminisce for the many years of their marriage."

  • Speaking of capturing the moments and ambiance. I am amazed at your ability to capture the full color of events in low light settings. At many of our events together, I have designed a romantic setting using colorful up-lighting, Monograms, as well as other atmospheric effects. Many of the photographs that I have received from other photographers, show these amazing effects washed out by an intense flash, but not yours. A client can spend between thousands of dollars to create this atmosphere only to have the accents of their wedding day washed out in their photographs. Your photographs show the beauty of the room and the vibrant punch of color the guests experience at the event. It still amazes me how you are able to do this, and it goes to show that talent, not the camera, makes the differences between average and amazing.

    I whole heatedly recommend the talent of The Memory Journalists to anyone who is considering hiring the best to capture such an important, and priceless day, as their wedding."

    Michael Anderson
    Wedding Entertainment Director
    Creative Memories Entertainment

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