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  • This month is ending on a busy note with summer right around the corner. There are graduations to attend, and deadlines for work. What relaxation do you really get? I'm not going to blog about fashion today, but tell you one of my favorite, secret spots in San Francisco. I truly miss this city and reminisce about it often. This is when I really feel like a local and just chill with the beautiful panoramic view. Most people who have been there compare it to Twin Peaks, which has a similar view, but less tourists. Tank Hill is a local favorite, and all it takes is a nice and steep hike up through Cole Valley. Most days in the city are windy and cold, which calls for a sweater or jacket to warm you up. On a nice and clear day, all you need is good book, and possibly a bottle of wine. Bring a blanket as well to watch the sunset, or sit on the rocks for a splendid night view. I need to say no more, as this is a favorite hidden gem. It's up to you to reach Tank Hill, but it will definitely be worthwhile. Get away this weekend and enjoy the breathtaking view of my city, San Francisco.

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  • Today's post continues with the topic of child care, specifically child care facilities. Child care facilities provide out-of-home care for several groups of children. Many parents believe that more staff, space, equipment, toys, and organized activities provide a better learning environment for their children.

    -The state licenses these facilities.
    -Staff are trained and supervised.
    -There is more than one caregiver; someone is always available.
    -Background information can be provided, if requested.
    -Centers have structured programs or curricula to help children learn.

    -Centers are only open during normal business hours.
    -Less one-on-one attention.
    -Regulations vary depending on whether the center is publicly or privately funded, and if they are religion-based.
    -High-demand centers often have waiting lists.

    Questions that may help in choosing a child care facility:
    -What are the hours? What if you are late in picking up your child?
    -What is the cost and how are payments made?
    -What education, training, and expertise does the child care provider(s) have? Is the child care provider certified in first aid and CPR?
    -What is their discipline policy?
    -How often does the child care provider provide feedback to the parents?
    -What are their policies on health standards, illness, medication, nutrition, discipline, media, and outdoor play?
    -Is the center licensed or registered with the appropriate local government agencies?
    -Can you visit the center before your child is enrolled?
    -Are visitors screened? Can only approved adults visit the center and pick up children?
    -What is the security at the facility?
    -How long have the staff worked at the center?
    -What is the child-adult ratio? How many children are in each age group?

    Check out the California Licensing Standards for current child to adult ratios for daycare centers.

    And be sure to visit the facility a few times before deciding if it is the right choice for your family. Stop by unannounced, stay for an hour and observe how the staff interacts with the children, and ask as many questions as you can.

    Child care facility resources
    Merryhill Schools
    Kinder Care Learning Centers
    Child Care Smiles
    Rainbow Daycare
    Phoenix Schools

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  • Most of us may love the smell of flowers, but others can't stand it, or is highly allergic. Don't worry though, there's a solution to cure your stuffy nose, and teary eyes on your wedding day. Nowadays, anything can be creatively possible. Non-floral bouquets are an excellent replacement for fresh flower ones. They are just as beautiful, half the price, and you can even put one together yourself. Options for these are endless with feathers, beads and pearls, rhinestones, worn out jewelry, vintage rhinestones, fabric, and recycled material. It's a lasting keepsake, and can be passed down to your future daughters wedding, too. Consider these alternative ideas, and you will come to adore and love them just as much as we do.

    Wrap some more inspirations into your wedding, and check out my top finds on Non-Floral Bouquets on our Memory Journalists Pinterest page.

    Photo Courtesy: Alice In Weddingland

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  • Tonight we lightly coated chicken tenderloin with bread crumbs, garlic, salt and pepper and pan fried them in olive oil. For our sides we had angel hair pasta with cream sauce, steamed asparagus and fresh strawberries and mandarin oranges topped with a bit of sprinkles of course!

    If you missed any installments of Teresa's column, be sure to read all of her family balanced meal ideas.

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  • Right about now the sun is shinier than ever, and you will need some trendy shades to hit the road, chill with you on the poolside, or blaze through the streets. Get inspired this season with several choices below. If you can't decide, get all of them to mix and match with each occasion.

    Mod round sunglasses are quite a hit this season. The 60s inspired pairs are framed with floral prints, wild graphics, or vibrant colors. It finishes with tinted or gradated colored lens, and just about right for a square faced type.

    Photo Courtesy: Emilio Pucci

  • 2014 Sunglass Trends

  • If you want to keep it classic, aviator shades are always an iconic piece. Perhaps they are one of my favorite designs for summer, and are definitely great for the road. They are lightweight with metal frame, and are completed with oval like glass, or plastic gradated, and solid colored lenses. These go great with oval, heart-shaped, and square faces.

    Photo Courtesy: Ray Ban

  • 2014 Sunglass Trends

  • Cat-eye frames made its way on the runways this year with fierce embellishments, and graphic prints. These distinct, but fun shades will stylize your vintage wardrobe and have you roaming wildly in the streets. It's especially flattering on the heart, oval, and square faces.

    Photo Courtesy: Dolce & Gabbana

  • 2014 Sunglass Trends

  • Talk about blazing, now you want to chill with rimless butterflies, or a Hollywood square classic. Rimless butterflies are less theatrical than your usual butterfly frames. Their tinted polycarbonate lenses matches perfectly with its metal frames. It'll have you looking super chic, and cooler than ever. It is a perfect match for heart, square, and oval faces.

    Photo Courtesy: Tory Burch

  • 2014 Sunglass Trends

  • Square frames are another classic that will elevate your look. They are usually over-sized, and reflect the modernity of Hollywood glamour. Its smooth edges will lay fab with you on the poolside. Square frames are desirable on oval, and round faces.

    Photo Courtesy: Yves Saint Laurent

  • 2014 Sunglass Trends

  • Get ready to complete your summer looks, and pop out in one of these unique shades that will have you looking fabulous. Play around and don't be shy to frame in style.

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