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  • After leaving Daffodil Hill, we headed into the small quaint town of Volcano, California, where we sat and ate some really good cheese and the guys had a beer and us girls had a glass of wine. After getting to know each other better and telling story after story (yes we girls do most of the talking - which is another story all by itself!), we headed out just in time for a bit of sunset light.

    The rock wall in this next series was fabulous.

  • All the old buildings in Volcano had great colorful doors! and yes, I have a thing for colorful doors!

  • Oh but wait...the best story of the day was about the socks. I do have to say that Shawna gets my vote for this particular competition!

  • We had such a blast with Shawna and Jeremy. They literally were up for anything. I asked for a "pensive" look and Jeremy could have won the Oscar with this image.

  • All I can say in this series...is that the song "Kung Fu Fighting" just sings in my head. :-)

  • Gotta love that sunset hair-light - especially in black and white.

  • One of my favorite colors as backdrop to our signature shoe shot. I just loved shooting in Volcano. If you have never been there, you must go!

  • After our fun day of shooting and laughing, we headed back to Folsom for a yummy dinner at Fats. What a great day!

    Shawna and Jeremy headed back to Pennsylvania. And we can't wait for their wedding day in June. Thank you two for making our Friday afternoon so much fun.

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  • Wow...is all I can say!

  • One thing that that seems to be a consensus in most reviews I had read and now I would agree: "This is one of Cage's finest performances as the corrupt cop, drug addict, rapist, thief and paranoid wreck with a strange habit of seeing iguanas that aren't there. Cage is simply brilliant."

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  • When Cory suggested we stop in Amador County at Villa Toscano Winery for a little wine tasting to start out Shawna and Jeremy's day, everyone jumped at the idea. Wine tasting played a big role in Shawna and Jeremy finding Wine and Roses in Lodi, which is where they are getting married in June, so doing a bit of wine tasting just seemed appropriate.

  • It the perfect start to our sunny day. Dick was our server at Villa Toscano Winery and he was super funny!

  • Before we headed out, we took our port outside and glowed in the sunlight on the patio of Villa Toscano Winery.

    I love this image.

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  • I'm a bit behind in posting about recent movies we've watched. While in Las Vegas at WPPI, well anywhere in a hotel room really, Cory and I tend to watch in room "still in the theater" or recently released movies.

    So you're going to see a few movie review posts coming out soon. The first...

    The Box.

  • First, I've loved James Marsden ever since watching 27 Dresses. :-)

    While the storyline seemed intriguing, the movie turned out to be a bit too...how shall I say...disturbing....confusing....and just plain odd.

    A small wooden box arrives on the doorstep of a married couple, who know that opening it will grant them a million dollars and kill someone they don't know.

    The joke is that many reviews I've read span the gamut of "Press the button and you'll lose 2 hours of your life" on the negative side to the "Who wouldn't push the button!" on the positive side.

    Dare I say, watch the movie and let me know what you think!

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  • Friday, Cory and I were lucky to spend the entire afternoon and evening with Shawna and Jeremy. They had flown in from Pennsylvania on Thursday and we were so excited and had great plans in store for our "Day in the Life of Shawna and Jeremy", which by the way will be a 3 part blog post series, so check back tomorrow too!

    The highlight of the day was going to Daffodil Hill....which is only open for about 3 weeks each year when all the Daffodils are in bloom. It was so beautiful. Cory has been there before to scout it out, but I had not ever been there yet and was so looking forward to sharing this day.

    According to their website, "much of the landscape around the old homestead is covered with more than 300 named varieties of daffodils. For the last twenty years, the McLaughlins have continued to plant up to 6,000 new bulbs a year. It is estimated that today, Daffodil Hill is carpeted with over 300,000 bulbs.

    Daffodil Hill is in a beautiful alpine setting at an elevation of over 3,000 feet. With pine trees, an old barn, wagon wheels, and rusting mining equipment and farming tools, it appeals to anyone with a love of nature. Flowers are everywhere, with pea-fowl, chickens, pigeons and lambs making themselves at home.

    Not a commercial enterprise, nor formally publicized or promoted, the ranch has been owned by the same family since it was acquired in 1887 by wagon pioneers Arthur McLaughlin and Elizabeth "Lizzie" van Vorst-McLaughlin."

  • I made sure to call ahead and confirmed that Daffodil Hill opened just a week ago. It opens when 25% of the bulbs are in bloom. With rain hitting the Sacramento area on Thursday night, in quite a down pour, we were lucky that Friday was beautiful!

  • Jeremy and Shawna are such a fun couple. I can't wait to share with you more of our day together!

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