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  • Some friends of mine Coree and Donna came over with their studio lights and backdrop to do indoor Christmas card pictures of my kids. It is way to cold to get my kiddos to cooperate outdoors. I think these turned out so great. Don't you just love the white on white with the pop of red?

  • Gracie has no problem being in front of the camera. She just loves every minute of it.

  • HarLee pretends that she is on that show "Toddlers in Tiaras" It is her dream to be a pagent girl. Yes she is 5 and already wants to be a beauty queen.

  • Daniel was a bit shy in front of my friends but he soon warmed up and we got some great shots of him. This one was my favorite one.

  • Scotty, oh Scotty. My goofy Scotty. He is the one that is always happy, and trying to make you laugh. So what does that mean for a photographer? That you get these shots of him...

  • And my Lex. It feels like yesterday that I was decorating a Christmas tree with her in my belly, and now look at her. Where did the time go?

  • I even let Donna take some of me with my kids. I love this shot she got of me and Lex.

  • After mom gets the pictures she wants for her cards it is time to be silly!! Here is how my kids try and give attitude. Not sure that is what they gave but its cute anyway.

  • And the last two are the jump shots.

  • We had so much fun that night with Donna and Coree. I wish I could have a studio in my house all the time. Stay tuned for the pics I did of Alexis for her 13th Birthday. She is so beautiful.

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  • Making spoons is one of my favorite things to do. I figured it was just a human thing. On a recent playdate with Chloe I found out that dogs do it too! After 6 straight hours of playing, Ty passed out and Chloe climbed out of her bed and curled up with him. How stinkin' cute is this?!?!

  • Teresa
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  • My sweet sweet nephew turned one on December 4th. This little boy is so sweet. I am so blessed to be his Ti-Ti. I am also blessed to be able to have done his every photoshoot ;0) Here is a 1 year old shot.

  • Now i will remind you of his first year, just because he is my Monk and I think he's so gorgeous...
    Maternity shoot.

  • Newborn shoot.

  • One month shoot.

  • Three month shoot.

  • Six month shoot.

  • Nine month shoot.

  • And now my sweet boy turned one.

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  • A few short weeks ago I met with Sean and Risha to take some holiday family photos. I've known Sean now since before his kids were born! The cutest two men in the family are Cameron and Christian. And Isabella (Bella) is the one with the best smile!

    If you're wondering who those other two family members are...well that's Cosmo (blue collar) and Zoe (pink collar).

    According to Sean when I asked about their pet names:
    Cosmo's full name is technically "Kozmo Seal Bird Monkey Chewbacca." We believe he has a rich animal heritage in his ancestry unlike any other known canine. Zoe's given name is simply "Zo-zilla Collar Eater," but we call her Zoe for short.

  • The three kids were super eager and loved taking some sibling family photos when Sean and Risha stepped away to put the dogs in the car.

  • When I asked the kids to give a big group hug, they knew exactly what I meant!

  • And just a quick shot of Sean and Risha together.

  • Our last stop of the day in our family photo session was the painted poles at the corners of 16th and Q Street in downtown Sacramento. What a perfect prop for some super bright and colorful holiday photos.

  • As we walked back to the cars, good thing I kept my camera out, since the kids could barely contain themselves long enough so that I could grab this photo. The street sweeper had left a huge big pile of leaves right on the corner.

  • It didn't take long before that pile was a bit less of a pile. :-)

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  • The holidays bring families together and this Thanksgiving brought together the de Vere White family. The Memory Journalists met the de Vere's at their family pub - de Vere's Irish Pub. Last we shot photographs at the Pub was for their grand opening this last January.

    de Vere's Irish Pub is located at 1521 L Street in downtown Sacramento. Here is the entire crew.

  • This is Simon, Alina, and baby Mari. Mari is just days old!

  • Little Mari was so tiny compared to mommy and daddy.

  • Here is Mark, Mary Jane, Rory, and Calder.

  • And Ralph and Antoinette with all the grandkids.

  • Seriously, I love this precious moment.

  • And a kiss to end the session!

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