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  • I love this image that Kelly randomly took of Cory at our last wedding with Tyler and Larissa. Yes a bit out of focus, but I just love Cory's smile.

  • And this image, another taken by Kelly. It's not every day that I'll get Cory onto the dance floor! It was hard not to want to get into the dancing spirit at Tyler and Larissa's wedding - it was such a blast! Check back tomorrow for Part 2's post of Tyler and Larissa's reception at Morgan Creek Country Club.

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  • With the Holidays fast approaching it's been a bear to try and schedule appointments in between our family photo shoots and other events. Hence we're premiering Laura and Gary's album draft right here and now on the blog.

    I wanted to share with a few of my favorite album spreads.

    Remember, Laura and Gary were married at Newcastle Wedding Gardens. And as Laura walked towards Gary on the ceremony pathway for their first sighting, I love this series of emotion!

  • Of course Newcastle Wedding Gardens has some of the most fabulous trees and outdoor settings.

  • And if you're willing to walk a bit, this hidden gem at Newcastle Wedding Gardens has to be my most favorite images of Laura and Gary's entire day. Click here or on the below image to start their album slideshow. Enjoy!

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  • Wednesday was Nicole's official last day working with Dynamite Weddings. She's worked for both Dynamite Weddings and in part The Memory Journalists now for two years. Those of you that know her, know that her joking personality is what makes you laugh. You can't help but smile when she laughs. This image was taken a few months ago when we shared a bottle of wine after a Nace event. It's a poor iPhone image, but I think it shows off her personality perfectly!

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  • Less than two weeks ago, Tyler and Larissa were married at Westminster Church in Sacramento. The Memory Journalists were there to capture their wedding photos. Kelly and I started the day with getting ready shots at the Sacramento Downtown Hyatt.

    Kelly caught this image of me as I was shooting this angle of Larissa's dress.

  • Westminster Church Wedding Photos 1

  • And this was Kelly's angle (once I got down off the table).

  • Westminster Church Wedding Photos 2

  • Larissa was so calm when she was getting her make-up done.

    The results were gorgeous, of course. Larissa is such a natural beauty! Her hair was styled by Jenn Homen from Hoshall's in Folsom. Her fabulous makeup was done by Suzanne Barnett from Mosaic Salon.

  • Westminster Church Wedding Photos 3

  • But as soon as it came time to put the dress on - reality was setting in and she was getting giddily nervous!

  • Westminster Church Wedding Photos 4

  • Back at Westminster Church in downtown Sacramento, Cory was enjoying the beautiful sunny weather and capturing some great outdoor photos of the church. The Westminster Church is so beautiful architecturally inside and out.

  • Westminster Church Wedding Photos 5

  • Tyler met us all at Westminster church for a few minutes of "just the groom" time.

  • Westminster Church Wedding Photos 6

  • The wedding ceremony was full of laughs. And we were able to capture wedding photos from three different angles. I was on the ground floor, and both Kelly and Cory were upstairs.

    The gorgeous flowers for Tyler and Larissa's wedding were designed by Ambience Floral Design.

  • Westminster Church Wedding Photos 7

  • Cory caught this photo of the newlyweds as they were leaving their wedding ceremony as man and wife.

  • Westminster Church Wedding Photos 8

  • We took some fun wedding photos in the church. In fact, we decided at the rehearsal the night before to do all their post ceremony photos at the church rather than at the reception site (part 2 post forthcoming). The best part was that Jen, the Westminster church coordinator, made some great suggestions for some photos - one of which was throwing Larissa up atop their piano. Tyler being the musician that he is - started playing right away. And we all couldn't help humming along to Imagine.

    Please click the below image to begin Part 1 of Larissa and Tyler's Wedding day slideshow- the ceremony at Westminster Church. (or click here)

  • Westminster Church Wedding Photos 9

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  • The turkey is in the oven and the smell is already starting to fill the air. I hope everyone is enjoying the day with their family.

    I'm so lucky to be spending the day with my hubby. Our original plans for the day changed, and we aren't spending it with my family as planned...which has made me a bit sad. My husband is so understanding and he's so sweet in making our day together the best. I'm guessing he'll even let me watch a chick flick! :-)

    I want to share one of my favorite images of Cory and I. It's so peaceful. I love that two people can be together and "just be" - together in silence - just enjoying each other's company. (image was taken NJB Photography).

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