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  • This October we had the pleasure of photographing Noemi and Sam's wedding. While we started at Noemi's parents home, we were headed to Le Rivage Hotel along the riverbanks of the Sacramento River for the ceremony and reception. Le Rivage is located at 4800 Riverside Boulevard. Sacramento, CA 95822

  • Sacramento Le Rivage Wedding Photos

  • Team Facia Bella (make-up) and De La Muse (hair) did an amazing job!

    While Cory and I were with Noemi getting ready, the rest of our crew was downstairs with the guys. It was nice to have the entire wedding party together as the day started. Noemi and Sam wanted to see each other before the ceremony. It allowed for them to enjoy the drive with the wedding party in the limo all together.

  • Sacramento Le Rivage Wedding Photos 2

  • Noemi's dress was a one shoulder design...perfect for Noemi's sense of style and her personality.

  • Sacramento Le Rivage Wedding Photos 3

  • I love when you see the "look" of a bride when she first sees the groom as she walks towards him during the ceremony.

  • Sacramento Le Rivage Wedding Photos 4

  • Noemi's father started the ceremony off with a prayer. I love this photo for some reason that I can't seem to put into words.

  • Sacramento Le Rivage Wedding Photos 5

  • Dare I say the weather for an October day was even a bit hot?! The clouds and blue sky were a perfect backdrop to a ceremony along the riverbanks of Le Rivage.

  • Sacramento Le Rivage Wedding Photos 6

  • Sacramento Le Rivage Wedding Photos 7

  • This is probably my second most favorite moment during ceremonies. When the happy bride and groom walk out together for the first time as a married couple.

  • Sacramento Le Rivage Wedding Photos 8

  • Noemi warned me that the cake table was going to be awesome - and she was right! I love the apples in contrast to my favorite flower - Gerbera Daisies.

  • Sacramento Le Rivage Wedding Photos 9

  • We were able to get some photos of Noemi and Sam before the ceremony and then again just before sunset. Here are just a few of my favorites.

  • Sacramento Le Rivage Wedding Photos 10

  • Don't you just love the architectural feel to this next one?

  • Sacramento Le Rivage Wedding Photos 11

  • Teresa took this candid photo - when we were done doing some of our photos before the ceremony, walking back to the hotel....Noemi just radiated this glow that all brides do.

  • Sacramento Le Rivage Wedding Photos 12

  • How a couple holds hands is so unique and very intimate. I think I could stare at this photo for a long time.

  • Sacramento Le Rivage Wedding Photos 13

  • This is one of the last images we took of the day. Smiles, Laughs, Happiness. Be sure to watch the slideshow by clicking here (or click the below image). Enjoy!

    Noemi & Sam - We really enjoyed being a part of your wedding day and getting to know you. We can't wait to get together again soon.

  • Sacramento Le Rivage Wedding Photos 14

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  • I was super glad that the weather held out on Friday long enough for me to get to spend some time with Heather, Wade, and little Devin. He's 2 now can you believe it?! He's such a good kid. Full of energy. It was hard to get him to sit still very long at all, so I was basically just following him around the playground and getting whatever he decided to do next.

    I couldn't get him to crawl through this tunnel, but I do like this one of Devin at the end.

  • Sacramento Family Photos 1

  • Devin LOVED the bouncy bridge.

  • Sacramento Family Photos 2

  • Little kids seem to have no fear at all. He was up and down on everything he could find.

  • Sacramento Family Photos 3

  • Even Mom and Dad had to run to keep up with him.

  • Sacramento Family Photos 4

  • This was one of our moments where we trapped Devin so he'd be still for just a few seconds.

  • Sacramento Family Photos 5

  • And of course, he couldn't run when mom and dad picked him up.

  • Sacramento Family Photos 6

  • Sacramento Family Photos 7

  • Devin likes cars...he brings this little blue basket of cars everywhere with him.

  • Sacramento Family Photos 8

  • And he is going to be a great baseball player when he grows up. I can't believe he was already hitting the ball!

  • Sacramento Family Photos 9

  • And here is one more of those moments where we kind of trapped him to take a family photo. He even was smiling!

  • Sacramento Family Photos 10

  • Devin is good - he even carries his own basket back to the car when it was time to leave. :-)

  • Sacramento Family Photos 11

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  • We recently did a wedding dress photo shoot for one of our Sacramento industry partners, Bella Donna Bridal Salon. We had 5 models, 7 dresses, a fabulous wood-grain backdrop from Drop It Modern, Jen's great ideas, her camera and an amazing, inspired Sacramento florist, Suzanne of Garden of Weedon Designs.

    Garden of Weedon Designs is located at:
    2418 K Street
    Sacramento, CA 95818

    Jen was inspired by the new Drop It Modern backdrop and ordered it immediately knowing we had this dress shoot coming up. We then contacted Suzanne at Garden of Weedon to see if she was available to help out with flowers and such to cover up the poles and stands of the backdrop. Lucky for us, Suzanne agreed to help and jumped in with both feet and her great creativity!

    Here's what she had to say about the project and her beautiful design:
    "When I saw the backdrop I immediately thought of woodsy elements, the Fall season, flowers in yellows, oranges, reds. Colors that would stand out against the brown backdrop and give a warm feeling of Fall. From the mossy branches to the wooden boxes I wanted all very natural elements. Sunflowers, burgundy upright amaranthus, yellow yarrow tansy, curly willow branches, kale, and lots of moss to go along with the mossy branches were used in each design piece. One of my favorite aspects was being able to use a seasonal vine of hops garland. I loved the idea of transcending the space of each design with such a fun element that created quite a commotion of interest. I was so excited that The Memory Journalist were going to capture these elements in their best light."

  • Sacramento Wedding Florist

  • When Jen and I met with Suzanne for the first time (she came highly recommended from our good friends at Catrina Maria Designs), we could tell she "got" us and our vision right away. Our meeting lasted all of 10 minutes. That's how quickly she was able to express her vision and we just as quickly agreed to her ideas. She put together exactly what we had in mind and the design came together amazingly well. She came out the day of the shoot and set it up even though she had a huge wedding the next day. We could not have been more pleased with Suzanne, her creativity and diligence and her amazing creation. Isn't it gorgeous!!!!!!!

  • Sacramento Wedding Florist

  • I stole the below adorable photo of Suzanne off the Garden of Weedon Designs website. Be sure to check out their website to learn more about Garden of Weedon Designs. We interviewed Suzanne to get to know her a little better and here is what we learned...

    How long have you been a floral designer and what made you choose this career? 13 years. I worked in a floral shop the last 3 years in college. I was not happy in the job I chose after college so I sucked it up at minimum wage with a bachelor's degree and I couldn't get myself out of the floral design world. I fell in love with wedding design!

    What is your favorite wedding element or moment? I love everything about it. The meetings with clients, the calculated process of the budget and the creative process of developing the design and creating menus. And, my favorite is the final product when I hand the bride her bouquet and she smiles really big :)

    What's the most fun thing you have done with your family lately? My daughter is at a really fun age and simply going to apple hill last week was tons of fun. We ordered apple pie at one farm and a caramel apple at another. The weather was cold so we got warm drinks for the drive home. I just enjoyed allowing myself the time off and being a mom and wife...and pigging out. :o)

    What do you think is the biggest thing that sets Garden of Weedon apart from other wedding florists? I'm not in meetings with other wedding florists and I do think there are some fabulous wedding florists in this area. I think my strong points are being versatile, listening to my clients needs and not giving them what I think they should have. I would not want to push my personal taste onto them if it wasn't their personality. I also feel like I can help keep people calm when they are feeling stressed or anxious. When something happens on the day of that's not expected, I say "stay calm and move on."

    Thanks, Suzanne!

  • Sacramento Wedding Florist

  • We heart Garden of Weedon Designs and can't say enough about how terrific and easy it was to work with Suzanne Weedon. We highly recommend her and could not have accomplished the design of this important photo shoot without her. Check out their website and give them a call for your wedding floral needs.

    Garden of Weedon Designs is located at:
    2418 K Street
    Sacramento, CA 95818

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  • As I'm working on the processing for Noemi and Sam's wedding day, I can't help put show off a very unique element that I LOVE!

    Playing the piano for your bride on your wedding day is such a unique and loving gesture. I get romantic goose bumps just looking at these wedding photos. When one of the Noemi's bridesmaids came up to me and told me that Sam was the playing the piano for Noemi, I dashed off to capture these moments. And Sam plays wonderfully! It was so romantic! (married this month)

    Check back soon for Noemi and Sam's sneak peak!

  • Musical Performances on your wedding day

  • It reminded me so much of Tyler and Larissa's wedding day. Tyler played and sang to Larissa in an empty church. The acoustics were fantastic. It was hard to concentrate on getting photos when I just wanted to sit, watch, and listen. And later he surprised her yet again, when he sang Pretty Woman at the reception. (married in 2009)

  • Play the piano for your bride on your wedding day

  • Can't play a musical instrument. That's okay. If you have the voice, you should consider a surprise song to your bride (or groom)! Here is a glimpse of Alan singing to Marcia a song he wrote himself! (married in 2007)

  • Musical Performances on your wedding day

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  • This week our Wedding Photo Wednesday post is all about lighting. You can check out our other Wednesday Posts on the blog.

    Lighting is such an important element of a wedding reception. Lighting can give a dramatic effect to a room or light up all the important details of your reception. Any extra cost will be worth it! Most good DJs can provide lighting for your event.

    Our friend Mike Regan of MR DJ Service had this to share with our readers about lighting...
    "You've seen it in magazines and on the wedding programs. It's the cool lighting that turns an ordinary room into something extraordinary. Whether creating a theme party or an elegant wedding, Ambient or Theatrical Lighting will set the tone for your guests at your event. It can create soft candle light glow or cool patterns up on the ceiling. Lighting can highlight architecture, plants or even your head table. It creates warmth to your photos and allows your photographer to use natural light making things look the way they "are" vs. when using sterile flash as lights. Theatrical lighting is a static color and motionless, not to be confused with disco effects or dance floor lighting, which are usually "in motion" and can look pretty bad in photos when used at inappropriate times. Lighting can be very subtle or over the top. It is the best and often most cost effective ways to decorate."

    Take a look at the 2 below set of storyboards and compare them. This first one has no extra lighting and is pretty boring, don't you think?

  • adding lighting at your wedding

  • Ahhhh....this next one is oh sooo beautiful! Doesn't the warmth of this lighting just make your eyes happy?

  • adding lighting at your wedding

  • Lighting can also add a better backdrop to your cake photos. Many times, lighting is overlooked and reception photos can be a little dark. You want to see all your great details in all your wedding photos so don't forget to add some lighting! Your amazing cake will thank you. :o)

  • adding lighting at your wedding

  • Ambient lighting is subtle but, like Mike Regan said, sets the tone for your guests.

  • adding lighting at your wedding

  • This photo was taken before all the candles were lit in order to show off the ambient along the sides of the reception room. What a beautiful glow!

  • adding lighting at your wedding

  • adding lighting at your wedding

  • Be sure to ask your DJ about adding lighting to your reception. You will be so glad you did. Your reception will be more beautiful and so will your wedding day photos! Contact Mike Regan of MR DJ Service for any lighting questions that you may have!

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